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Let's change the game. Let's capture the real you, with the real laugh, with the real embrace, and all the love you hold for one another.

Intimate Wedding in Valentia Island - Ireland

51°54'28"N - Valentia - Ireland

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Timeless and cinematic

A West of Ireland-based Photographer

Hi, My name is Pedro Souza (also known as the ELOPEMENT GUY! 😛 ) and I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based in the stunning West of Ireland.

”Creating something with you, not just for you.”

I define my work and everything you see on this website in four words: Storytelling, Connection, Joy, and Landscape. As a photographer, I am drawn to images that are intimate and real. All I want is to someway translate the feelings I see before me into a timeless moment that captures the real connection between people and landscape.

“Authenticity, sensitivity, and people beautifully merging with nature…”

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Intimate wedding and adventure elopements

Elopement and Wedding Photographer

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